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Journey of Green Chef… Tally integration- manufacturing model.

Tally ERP 9 is a spectacular software that allows its users to utilize its features to its fullest extent. There are numerous options available to its users to explore the Tally ERP software. Tally ERP acts as a foundation stone on which almost all the enterprises can be built on. It is the most straightforward, flexible, and most manageable software to use. One unique aspect of Tally ERP 9 is that it can be integrated and customized according to its users’ needs and requirements.

‘Green Chef’ is a company whose main motive revolves around the manufacturing sector. Green Chef is into manufacturing a wide range of appliances, cookware, and kitchen accessories. As this company manufactured a wide range of products at various locations, handling and synchronizing the factories’ output and working had become an issue for this company. They wished for a simpler software that could synchronize all their data and working. They wanted a simpler system that could organize their data, financial requirements, process, and outputs.

They approached Amsan Technology, who suggested them to consider Tally Manufacturing Module integration. Amsan Technology is a reputed 5-star certified tally partner. Amsan technology has over a decade of experience in this sector. Byjus, Raymonds, Netapp, Prestige are a few of their top clients to name.

Tally manufacturing module proved beneficial for Green Chef as they could deploy Tally ERP in a decentralized model in individual factory units at various locations. They also could have centralized servers with their users logging in from multiple locations. Tally ERP integrated all the departments of the manufacturing concern and made their working look effortless and magical. It further reduced their costs and increased their productivity by 60%.

If you have an organization that is into manufacturing and you want the organization to work efficiently without facing any hurdles, considering tally integration would be a smart choice. Feel free to Amsan Technology as they could help you with Tally manufacturing module integration. By utilizing this Tally ERP feature, you can effectively integrate your business concern, optimize the whole supply chain, identify market demands, and many other features.

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