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A Mobile interface that helps you to access the complete Tally ERP9 data instantly at one touch, which is designed for your convenience. It uses your google drive account to keep this data securely at your own end instead of any cloud server.

The data is synced at real-time and ownership and access of the data lies with the user solely. You can now keep a check on sales, purchase, outstanding, ledger, reports, and stock data outside the workplace anytime anywhere.

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Using Cloud backups can also be an efficient solution as they go on to give the saved offsite copy of files and data stored on the remote servers. The automatic cloud backups give you added security and redundancy for the secured and reliable protection of the business data. Although one should not get distracted by cloud backups and online file storage, they’re very diverse in security measures.

With the tally auto backup software and cloud infrastructure, there is not much to bother. However, you’d be familiar with cyber attacks and go on to take specific measures to guard the financial data.

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Auto-email is a module that automatically responds to the mentioned client mail id’s. It can also be used to send a report or transaction that has been generated in the Tally ERP 9 accounting software in the prescribed format. Save time from mail typing and attachment. Real and instant mailing on customized reports and invoice. Make this process as Errorless as possible.

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Digital Signature is one of the empowered and updated  technology which has speeded up the process of generating digitally signed invoices electronically which validates and confirms the authenticity of signature  and most importantly  the information is not altered or hampered during transit.

Digital signatures can protect the authenticity and integrity of archived data. By using our Digital signature in tally module we can sign the invoices and email the signed invoice instantly.

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Security control is the most important option of every accounting software. Using security control in Tally ERP 9, an administrator can give access to tally software based on the job profile of employees.

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