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E-Invoicing Solutions For Oracle ERP


The generation of IRN takes place when the supplier applies the commodity and their amount list in the software. And the interesting thing is, after the IRN gets generated, it will be available to the user at the software interface itself thus making the job much easier than the obvious traditional methods. To ensure that the users do not have to visit any other website for any actions related to e-invoicing, the following options are provided within Oracle itself: :

  •  E-Invoice View Program : Through this program, users can view the generated e-Invoices and print the same. Those invoices for which generation has failed will also be visible here.
  • E-Invoice Cancel Program : Government allows taxpayers to cancel e-Invoices within 24 hours of generation. Through this program, the required e-Invoices can be cancelled with a single click directly from Oracle.

autoTax integrates with Oracle through APIs and ensures there is seamless communication between the ERP and Government Portals (GSTN, E-Way, e-Invoicing). With this, compliances can be achieved with minimum but genuine efforts.

  • Tax Invoice
  • Debit/Credit Memo
  • Reverse Charge Invoice

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