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Seal and Signature in invoice printing


Digital Signature is one of the empowered and updated  technology which has speeded up the process of generating digitally signed invoices electronically which validates and confirms the authenticity of signature  and most importantly  the information is not altered or hampered during transit.

In a business, you may need the printed copy of various reports from Tally.ERP 9 for manual verification. It is difficult to match the figures with ledgers/groups, as it is located on either side of the page. For easy matching you may sometimes use ruler. Hence, we believe it would be preferable to have grid lines while printing any report. This module will provide you with this feature. Logo, Seal and Signature gets printed by default with the use of this add-on Sales Invoice print format.

This feature validates the authenticity of the invoice by selecting the digital certificate purchased by you from the license certificate authority (CA). The digitally signed invoice contains User Identity like Name, Contact, Location, Reason & timestamp.

This add on module Validates and confirms the authenticity of signature. Combined with other Tally add on services , you can curate the perfect management design for your organization.

With the use of this add-on Sales Invoice print format, and the help of other Tally customization and/or Tally Integration you can avail the empowered and updated technology.

The Mobile interface, Tally on Mobile, helps you to access the complete Tally ERP9 data instantly at one touch and send auto invoices and reports.

Integrate your tally with the other add ons to complement this module.

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