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Tally ERP 9 6.6.3 and its features.

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TALLY ERP 9 6.6.3

What is Tally? What is Tally ERP 9?? What is Tally ERP

Tally is an ERP Accounting software used for book-keeping, recording day to day transactions of a business entity. All business organizations, whether small or big, an established organization, or a start-up, a sole trading concern or an MNC, record their everyday business transactions. Tally ERP9.6.6.3 makes the recording of such transactions a child’s play.

Tally ERP9.6.6.3 software is one of the best financial accounting systems and management systems accessible on all computers. This software can be integrated with other business applications, namely- Purchasing, Sales, Inventory, Payrolls, Outstanding balances, finance, and more. Tally ERP9.6.6.3 records all the business transactions of every account precisely. Tally ERP9.6.6.3 eliminates, reduces, and rectifies all possible errors that would have occurred while entering and recording various transactions as it follows the Double Entry Accounting System.


1. Economical and user friendly:

Tally ERP9.6.6.3 is economic accounting software available in the market. This software is not expensive and is worth the price. This software, unlike others, is very user friendly. Tally ERP9.6.6.3, can be easily implemented and customized as per the needs and requirements of the concerns.

2.Multi Operational systems:

Tally ERP9.6.6.3 comes with the unique feature of operating on different operational systems. In general parlance, Tally ERP9.6.6.3 can be used on Windows and Android. The data on all these operating systems can be synced together to form one consolidated data.

3. Easy installation and low space consumption:

The process of installing Tally ERP9.6.6.3 is effortless and not a burdening process. Along with the easy installation, Tally ERP9.6.6.3 occupies less space.

4. Built-in backup and restore:

Tally ERP9.6.6.3 now has a built-in backup and restore. This software enables its end users to back up all the company data in a single directory, in a local system disk.

5. Supports all protocol:

Tally ERP9.6.6.3 has been built in such fashion that it supports all protocols; for instance, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, ODBC, etc.

6. Multi-lingual:

Tally ERP9.6.6.3 is multi-lingual accounting software. This software also supports 9 Indian languages. This means the users can enter the data in one language, and generate invoices, Po’s delivery notes, etc. in another language.

7. Synchronization :

By this feature of Tally ERP9.6.6.3, the users can synchronize all the data required from various systems in various locations. For instance, if an organization has about 20 computers, equipped with Tally ERP9.6.6.3, then the data from all these systems can be synchronized to create one single data. This can be automatically updated.

8. A vast number of accounts:

In Tally, several accounts can be created and maintained. There exists no limit to accounts that can be created. This unique feature of Tally helps its users to create various accounts for various purposes.

9. Consolidated Financial statements:

Tally ERP9.6.6.3 makes it possible for all its users to generate consolidated Financial Statements as per the organization’s requirements.


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