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What's New in Tally Prime?

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Tally Prime.

Easy To use Go to Feature

Navigation and discovery made seamless with the new Go To feature through any business reports.

Exception report

View your reports with enhanced capabilities  of them getting to know each detail of the report.


Windows application view for Top Menu

Simple and clean menu with detailed shortcuts for accessing all the features with more ease.

Multi-Tasking get easier

Now moving from opne report to any other reports made easy. Access all opened reports with the easy of a button without leaving your work.

Tally Prime Server

The Tally Prime server is an immensely powerful data server which is capable of growing over the respected Gold license. The server based on the data architecture is an integration of better concurrency and more security. Not only this, but it also has advanced monitoring capabilities. This is a pioneering Enterprise Class product which can help any business let that be fast growing medium or large ones, improve their efficiency.


  • Tally is made easier now to generate reports out of raw data as per your needs. The new action buttons like basis of value, the change in the view, the exception reports that are available on all reports are a tool to allow you view all these reports as well as the exceptional ones to get a more clear business insight.
  • The new and advanced systems of recording your vouchers as well as masters are made more simple and easy. The features such as More details lets you manage the day to day activities even in exceptional scenarios. This results in less efforts and time for getting the work done.
  • The tally prime is much more convenient and comparatively faster now when you have to access data for different companies. You can now load numerous companies with the similar credentials using the single-sign-on function which will surely make your tasking much easier.
  • Tally on Prime makes your data entry makes more convenient by avoiding the interruptions while multi-tasking. The actions like emailing or printing or exporting from any of the reports are made more simple with out abandoning the current tasks using the Top menu option.


Tally Prime makes decision making simplified for any  business owner by providing the critical reports. Decision making is much more simpler with reports provided such as all Financial reports, Cash-flow reports, Cost center reports, Inventory reports, Accounting reports and many more detailed reports.

Tally Prime is also Statutory Compliant which means all statutory related changes are supported. GST, E-way Bills, and all other newly introduced requirements are complied to support your business in a multifaceted approach.

  • Chart Of Accounts :    Access all masters, including ledgers, voucher types, cost centers, etc. from the ‘Chart of Accounts’ option.
  • Search Bar:  The ‘Go To’ search bar is made available at the top of the screen. You can easily access any part by typing in the search bar. You can access 90% of the options with it. Thus, it makes it more suitable for Business owners.

  • Optimize Invoice:   Optimize your invoice and remove all unwanted space – an excellent feature for retailers, distributors and any other business that creates one invoice for multiple items.

  • Change Mode:   In any voucher, the Change Mode gives you 3 options namely – ‘Item Invoice’, ‘Accounting invoice’ and ‘As invoice’. Thus you can easily navigate through them.

Tally Prime is the latest version of the Tally software. It is always recommended to use the latest version of the software. The latest version of any software always has better features, technical errors are removed, and everything else is better as compared to the older version.

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