How Netapp Benefited From SAP To Tally ERP 9 Integration???

‘Netapp India,’ founded in 1992, is an American based organization, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, has India as one of its host countries. ‘Netapp India’ is an American Hybrid cloud data services and data management company, which is also a global leader in the sector of cloud computing. It is a well-known, established organization having its wings widespread over a large number of countries. This company has also been ranked in the fortune 500 since 2012. Netapp India makes use of SAP software to maintain their various needs of the concern. The company finds SAP to be a useful software for their demands. Having its one wing in our country, the organization must prepare all their financial statements according to the various rules and regulations of the Indian Accounting Standards. Saving all the company’s data over SAP had become an issue for this company as SAP does not maintain its accounting or financial data according to the Indian Accounting System. Therefore preparing Financial statements had become an issue for the company.

The primary reason why preparing’ financial statements’ had become an issue is that Netapp India uses SAP software for all their accounting and business requirements. SAP does not provide its users with the feature of preparing financial statements according to Indian Accounting Standards and principles’ rules and regulations. SAP is an excellent software providing other such services, but it lacks the feature of preparing financial statements according to the Indian Accounting Standards.

Netapp India approached Amsan Technology to resolve this issue. Amsan Technology, founded in 2007, is an established organization and is a 5 star certified Tally partner. Amsan Technology, having over 3100 clients, has over a decade of experience in this sector.  Byjus, Raymond, ISRO, Prestige, Tommy Hilfiger, Netapp, and others are a few of their top clients. Amsan Technology suggested Netapp India do SAP to Tally integration.

Speaking of SAP to Tally integration, let me brief you with its essential benefits and why Tally integration with SAP is necessary. SAP is in international software, whereas Tally ERP is a simple software with GST and other features and works with the accordance of the Indian Accounting Standards. With Tally integration, all the data saved in SAP can be easily transferred to Tally. Once the data is transferred, the everyday data entry in SAP can be automatically synchronized without any manual interference. As already mentioned earlier, SAP lacks the Financial statement feature in accordance to the rules and regulations put forward by the  Indian Accounting Standards. It is at this point that the Tally ERP software comes to the rescue of Netapp India.

With SAP to Tally integration, Netapp India could easily transfer all the data saved over SAP, to Tally without any difficulties. And the data thus transferred are retained and collected over Tally and are utilized to provide a financial statement for the organization in accordance to the rules and regulations of the Indian Accounting Standards. SAP to Tally integration reduces the redundancy by 70%. It also increases the productivity and performance of the company by 60%. Apart from these, it also decreases the cost by 40%. The data saved in SAP in the daily working of the organization could be easily synchronized to Tally without creating any chaos.

Netapp India smartly considered the SAP to Tally integration, and they could provide the financial statements in accordance to the various rules and regulation of the Indian Accounting Standards. Therefore, Netapp India became one of the many happy clients of Amsan Technology.

If your company faces such similar issues, kindly consider SAP to Tally integration with Amsan Technology. With SAP to tally integration, your company can reap crazy profits with minimal costs. Whether an Indian company or a company having a branch in India, preparing Financial statements must be in accordance with the various rules and regulations of the Indian Accounting Standards.

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